Press Conference: Rafael Nadal (ESP)

2009/10/09 23:43

  Date: 9th Oct. 2009

  Time: 10:20 p.m.

  Scores: Rafael Nadal defeated Marat Safin (6-3/6-1) and advanced to the semifinal.

  Q: It must have been a special situation tonight. All of the crowd was for your opponent. Can you also talk about your level of play tonight?

  A: I am happy for him to have the end the China Open for him like this. So, for the rest, it is important for tennis. Marat is a very important player for tennis, for the fans, so we are going to miss him a lot. For the rest, I think I played a really good match, especially in the beginning, the end of the first set and the second set for sure. So I am happy with that. I think I did very good yesterday and today so I am happy.

  Q: Usually it’s not a good thing to have as tough of a draw that you have had in this tournament. Given some time off, does it give you more confidence knowing you can beat these players for the rest of your year?

  A: No, I think it is difficult to say what is going to happen at the end of the season. I hope I will be healthy and if it stays like this, I hope to continue to improve. It is important for me and my style of the game to play games in a row as opposed to breaking and then coming back. If you keep playing, you are already in a rhythm. This is a very good start for the late season, playing three important opponents. Tomorrow, I have another important test. I hope to be ready to play tomorrow and tonight. I am going to try my best to play 100%.

  Q: You say you think you are playing well here, when was the last time you felt as good as this?

  A: I don’t know. My feeling is better than the American season. I don’t know if I am 100%, but we will see tomorrow and the rest of the tournament.

  Q: Can you talk a little bit about tomorrow’s match?

  A: He is very good because his style of game is very aggressive, serving very well all the time and hitting the ball very high. I saw him play against Murray in US Open and we saw mistakes so I have to play aggressive, I need to play inside the court and make him feel like if he has to win, he is going to have to play more than two or three good shots. I would like to push him with my forehand.