Press Conference: Novak Djokovic ( SRB )

2009/10/05 17:36

  Date: Oct.5th 2009

  Time: 15:30

  Scores: Novak Djokovic (No. 2 seeded player) defeated Victor Hanescu (6:3 /7:5) and advanced to the 2nd round.


  Aces:10Double                                     Faults:3

  1st Serve %:68%                                1st Serve Points Won:29/42(69%)

  2nd Serve Points Won:10/20(50%)        Break Points Saved:4/7(57%)

  1st Return Points Won:13/33(39%)       2nd Return Points Won:17/25(68%)

  Break Points Won:5/9(56%)                  Total Service Points Won:39/62(63%)

  Total Return Points Won:30/58(52%)     Total Points Won:69/120(57%)

  Q: This is not your first time to lose grip of your racquet when serving. Why do you think you lost it?

  A: I knew you would ask me that first question. Well, it’s not the first time. I hope it’s the last time, because it’s not certainly comfortable in that this kind of thing has happened in such a big event. Unfortunately, I sweat a lot in the hand and sometimes it happens even though I don’t want it to.

  Q: Can you just tell me generally how you feel about the match? Are you happy about how you played today?

  A: Yeah I was happy overall with how I played, it’s just that I thought that I could finish the job earlier. I had two times break up in the second set and shouldn’t lose that service game. You know, it was just a little bit frustrating the way I was losing points in the second set. I think I had chances every game in the match that I should win that game, but you know that’s the first round. You have to get used to the ups and downs a little bit, and hopefully in the next match I’ll be more consistent.

  Q: Wanted to ask you if you could elaborate on what it’s like to work with Todd Martin. I think a lot of us look back on his era with a lot of fondness so it’s great to see someone working with him now.

  A: Indeed. Todd has a lot of experience as a play and as a coach as well, and I just hope in our cooperation in the future he will be able to get that experience on me and be able to help me out in some elements of my game I think I can still improve on, as in serve, for example. He was an all around player at the highest level of tennis for many years, so he knows what its like to play in big matches, and it’s certainly going to help me out. So, I look forward to working with him and my current coach Marian. I will work part time with both of them, and I’m really excited.

  Q: Could you put today’s match in context of what you expect to face later on in the competition when things get tougher and are there any concerns there?

  A: Well there are no secrets about later stages of the tournament. Everyone expects tougher opponents, and I am aware of that. And I am as well aware of the face that I need to raise the level of my performance in order to get further. So that is something I will work on. I have the day off tomorrow. I will try to get used to the weather and the time zone – the jet leg. As you can see in the second set I was a little bit sleepy, but hopefully I can play well in the next game.

  Q: What would you like to say to Chinese tennis fans?

  A: I would like to thank them for their great support they’re giving to me and to all the famous players in general. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: things I have experienced with the Chinese fans in the last few years, especially at the Shanghai Master’s Cup, I’ve never experienced in my life. They are very appreciative to a player, and they respect the time you dedicate to them. For me, it’s great. I just love it.

  Q: Federer has already secured his year-end number one position right now, but the number two position is still open for you, Rafael, and Andy to fight for before the season is finished. So, in your mind, how importance you think your important in the Asian tournaments like in Beijing and Shanghai matters to you?

  A: Well ranking wise, it matters a lot, obviously, but it’s very important not to pay attention too much to the rankings because then you just lose your focus on something you have to do and your priority to play well on the court. I will just try to be patient and take one match one tournament at a time. I know the results will come if I play well. I’ve been playing at the highest level in tennis for the last three or four years, I’ve been at every major event, so I know what it feels like. It’s a matter of consistency, especially these days when you have Murray, Nadal, Federer, and Del Porto as your main opponents and rivals for the top spots in the world. They are playing so well and so consistent, and in order to keep up you have to do the same and even better.

  Q: According to the organizing committee of China Open your name was on the list of a stage show today, but according to the newest list your name was taken off. Is that because you are no longer interested in off court and fashion.

  A: I wasn’t informed about that. If I knew about that maybe I would participate. I have not much experience in the fashion shows and not much on clothes as well.

  Q: Last year when you won the championship, you were understandably upbeat and you talked about going to number one this year. When you look back at the time between the last time you were in China and your arrival this week, how do you look at what you’ve achieved this year so far? Is it up to your expectations?

  A: I always have very high expectations for most of the tournaments I play, because I was winning most of the surfaces in tournaments I played. I did consistently well at the Grand Slams, which is very important. Any Slam event is very important in order to stay in the men’s game. I think that actually was missing at my results this year, good performance at the Grand Slam events. I was in the semifinals at the US Open and quarters at Wimbledon and Australia. Of course that’s a great result, but as I said, even though I played quite well throughout this year I dropped a place in the rankings. That proves how well the other players are doing. If I expected to do something bigger than I did this year then yes, probably, but I am not disappointed with the whole season so far. I had the best clay court season ever up to the French open. So I try to always look on the bright side, and I did make some changes this year on racquet at the start of the year and some other things that were maybe keeping my mind off court a little bit, but I am confident that I can play very well and be a candidate for a Grand Slam in coming years.