Transcription of Pre-Match Press Conference: Rafael Nadal(ESP)

2009/10/04 16:14

  Date: 4th Oct. 2009

  Time: 15:00

  Q: It’s been a tough year in terms of injury which meant you took time away from the game. Do you feel any fresher?

  A: It’s been a more difficult year for me because I had an injury of the knee and then the stomach, abdominal injury in the US Open. Results are good. I'm happy being number two and very happy to have 3 master series and one grand slam. Important for me to finish the year as good as possible and try to be ready for the Davis Cup final for my country-have time to practice to be ready for next year.

  Q: You obviously took time off after the U.S. Open after abdominal injury, how do you feel now? Are you fit and ready to go?

  A: I hope so, I hope I'm ready now, it'll be good. But after one year like this, you are always a little bit scared.

  Q: Follow up question: some people say your style of tennis makes you more prone to injury- so aggressive- is that something you've thought about changing?

  A: A lot of people have a lot of opinions. There's a lot of talk, but you know what, I started being professional tennis player at 16 years old. So that's probably not the best time to start when your body is not completely done. I have had seven years under my belt already- I think that's a very long career already, no? Lots of players start at 21 and finish at 29. I've played the last five years without going out of number one or number two, except one week this year, so if you're not fit and your body is not in good conditions its impossible to be five years in the top two. Everybody said that in 2005, and we are in 2009 and I'm still at the same number. I always work hard to be okay, and that's what I'm going to do all my career, and yeah, I have aggressive style of game, but I think no one can choose what style to play. I do all in my hands to play my best tennis, sure I would love to serve like Karlovic and volley like Federer, but my game is another. I'm happy with my game. With my game I have a very good career right now. If I play 3 more years 3 more years…1 more year, 1 more year…10 more years, 10 more years…but it’s impossible to say right now that I’m going to change the style of the game.

  Q: You actively campaigned for Madrid, to get the 2016 games, are you over the disappointment?

  A: Yeah, it was tough for us, being in the finals. We pushed hard for 2012 and then 2016. I think Madrid did a very good job. It's tough for Spain, for Madrid, for lot of people that worked very hard for a long time, but you know, I think that London and Madrid are too close, that's my feeling. They had to change the continent, that's what I think….they didn't say that was going to affect us before we were candidates for the 2016 Olympics. We are disappointed but at the same time we were in the final. I don't know if 2020 if we are going to be candidates to be the organization of the Olympics 2020, but my feeling is we are close. If we continue to push hard, I don't want to say, but my feeling is that Madrid is going to finish organizing the games, that's my feeling, I hope so.